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At My Legging Craze.........We are all about Confidence

At My Legging Craze...... We are all about Confidence

At My Legging Craze...... We are all about Confidence

My Legging Craze knows that each woman wants to approach each day with confidence, but many of us struggle to feel that way.  While dressing in expensive clothes might give you an amazing sense of satisfaction, real confidence is not just about the brands you wear,  Real confidence comes from excepting your personal quirks and working with them. At My Legging Craze you can be confidient with the styles we select for our customers who love to  dress with confidence by knowing your look, and playing to your personal strengths we know you will look smashing in our fashions. Here are our favorite approaches to solve our confidence problems that I learn with My Legging Craze.

To dress with confidence, it helps to know what looks increbible on you and what doesn’t look that great. The biggest deciding factor is knowing what colors look best with your complexion and hair color. Though various methods of deciding your color palette exist, people with the same hair and skin colors tend to fall in similar categories. Lighter features tend to fall into the “fall” category of warm tones, while darker features are complimented well by soft “spring” colors.

Knowing your body shape is another key factor to dressing with confidence. Not everybody needs to be the same size or proportion, but dressing in ways that flatter your unique shape can help you confidently strut your stuff. Whether you’re a pear or an apple shape, short or tall, dressing for your shape makes all the difference.

After you get comfortable with what looks good on your body shape, consider your other strengths. If you have a curvier figure, you might be more commanding in a dress than a pantsuit, for example. If you are tall, vertical stripes will emphasize this, while horizontal stripes will do the opposite. Take a look at your features, like leg length versus torso length, or how wide your shoulders are, and take that into account with your body shape and colors. By choosing a flattering shape for your body, then choosing that outfit in a color you look best in, then playing to your strengths, you will have a well coordinated outfit, no matter your style.

Nothing is worse than being caught out in an outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable. You may think dressing leggings  is unattractive, you would be surprised how pairing a legging with a long flowing tunic will make you feel beautiful and confident.

Consider how comfortable you are with what your outfit does or doesn’t cover before you walk out the door, and you should always feel confident in the way you’re dressed.

Cheryl Fazzini 

Owner of My Legging Craze