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Belief in Your Business

Belief in Your Business

Belief in Your Business

If you don’t believe in your business no one else will either.

If you believe in your business it is impossible to fail. Belief  can be intangible and hard to understand, but without it you will always be going in reverse with your business. Belief will move you forward and disbelief will kill what you already have. What do you need to believe in to succeed in your business?

YOURSELF: You matter, regardless of how great everything is, if you don’t believe deep down in your heart that you can do, you will sabotage yourself to prove what you believe is correct.

YOUR COMPANY: If you don’t totally believe in your company, you won’t be able to convince others to believe in you. If you are a Serial  Direct Sales Gal and you join other companies with the same products, it will only confuse your  customer and it will put a seed of disbelief in your customers minds. Do you know the Core Values of your company?

YOUR PRODUCTS: Are the products that you are promoting something you can be prideful about? Do they create a need for others to what to purchase for you.  Are you promoting them in a way to create then Iam going to dare you, in fact I am going to double dare you to pick one small thing that you have never been able to do before and physically force yourself to do it until you get success in it. Here’s an example. Maybe you don’t believe that you can talk to people about your business. So the challenge will be to actually talk to someone about your business and offer them your brochure. That’s it. Whether they take it or not, the success will be that you did it. NOW here is the important part. Celebrate your success. It doesn’t matter how horrible you may think that you were, you did it and that is the first step accomplished on your journey to success. What if you don’t believe in your company or products? The important question is why don’t you? Only you can answer that and if you can’t resolve the issue then maybe you need to find something that you can promote with pride. Don’t get me wrong. I do not believe in jumping from company to company, but if deep down in your heart, you don’t believe; then maybe that is an indication that it 

Cheryl Fazzini

CEO and Founder of My Legging Craze INC