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Cardigans are Cool



I’m a big believer that you don’t have to spend alot to look good + feel amazing, especially when it comes to your clothing. Most times it’s the simplest, most practical look that makes me feel the most confident.

For days you want comfort,  but I still want to feel put together, a great pair of leggings,  a long flowing tunic  and a pop of color cardigan is all I need to feel my best.  My favorites are  medium weight, has lots of stretch, and you can wear it open like I’ve done here, or button it up and add a belt. Either way, it’s an essential wardrobe staple that can make even the simplest outfit come to life. 

For traveling I put my cardigan in my oversized purse and use it on the plane and when I get out of the airport.  💜Cardigans really are cool💜

Cheryl Fazzini

CEO of My Legging Craze