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    I got to be Me!

    I got to be ME!

    I got to be ME!

    Be yourself: everyone is already taken -Oscar Wilde

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be someone else or maybe really “tried” to be them. We all admire other people who we believe are rockstars in their own right and maybe in our industry. Yes, i have done exactly that and you want  to know what happened? Absolutely nothing. I felt let down, confused and a failure.  I did everything that Miss Rockstar did, but then I realized it is ok to be me and that maybe I had something that other people would love about me.  Then it hit me... people buy me, before they buy from me and then I  finally starting  seeing the results, because i was me! I opened up my voice and people actually wanted to hear about what I had to say.

    All I had to do is to stay focus, love myself and be me.  I am Cheryl Fazzini and I am the creator of my own successful life!

    Do you ever feel like this? Can you be yourself and a Superstar. Can you  be the best Superstar you can be and over time  can you will attract a whole lot of other superstars who want join you and go in the same direction as you are Are you doing it the way someone told you to do it. Could it be as simple as “have you even thought of doing what I do”? Most people just have to be asked. What is your method and is it working for you.

    Cheryl Fazzini

    CEO & Founder of My Legging Craze