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Meet the Owner of My Legging Craze Cheryl Fazzini

In 1976, Cheryl Fazzini began her amazing career in business, leadership, marketing and sales,  In San Anselmo, California, the 3rd highest per capital income in the US at the time, she became the manager of the Pet Food Cottage.
In a small mountain town, Cheryl's compassion was birthed being a Certified Nurse's Assistant  at Trinity General Hospital. It is the same caring heart that is felt throughout the MLC vision and daily operations.
Eventually she  stumbled into her first direct sales company involving Tupperware. Her passion exploded as she realized that this was the roadmap that could bring hope to millions around the world and on the way earned a few top recruiting awards  in various direct sales companies.
Realizing her business experience was lacking, she enrolled and graduated from MTI.  She then registered in Solano College with a major in marketing and to add to her growing knowledge base. The practical information took her to the next level as a leader.
Wanting to be close to her husband's (Tom) family, they moved to Pennsylvania and opened her first business that provided affordable women's and children's clothing for the community. As the company grew, the Downingtown Chamber of Commerce requested she become a Board of Director's member which eventually evolved into becoming Vice President.
After twelve years of running the business, the high quality lifestyle of Colorado began to call. Selling the business 10x more than the initial investment, she now lives in Loveland.
One day in August 2016, Cheryl discovered leggings.  By May 2017, My Legging Craze was birthed.  Today there are over 1,500 stylists who have joined this amazing organization. Are you next?