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No More Negative Thinking

No More Negative Thinking

No More  Negative Thinking

We all know a negative person or maybe two or three?  They are never happy and almost seem to enjoy finding ways of turning something good into a negative and a tiny weenie problem blown way out of bounds and their own world has burst!  An optimistic person, on the other hand, enjoys the good that is all around and actually looks to bring the good out of any given situation. Problems are just problems and it is something that you overcome on the path to where you want to go. How you choose to look at things will determine your own level of success. Most negative people will never succeed because:

1. They can’t envision a good future where life is absolutely wonderful.

2. Every little problem is an insurmountable obstacle.

3. Everybody is out to get them and nobody can be trusted.

4. They will sabotage themselves just to prove that they are right and that this business doesn’t work.

The question today is which one are?

Cheryl Fazzini

CEO and Owner of My Legging Craze INC