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    Plussize Fashion Success in Direct Sales.

    Plus Size Fashion Success In Direct Sales

    Plus Size Fashion Success In Direct Sales

    An incredible  67%  of women in the U.S. are plus-size (meaning a dress size 14 and up), and the plus-size clothing market is about 18% of all the  total apparel sales which is in the bazillions.

    Enter Cheryl Fazzini, the mastermind behind My Legging Craze.  Cheryl had spent dozens of years in the fashion industry  and knows all to well about the plus-size retail market. She has be a plus size girl for most of her life and knows that many major fashion brands still don't sell to women of size or include them in their advertising and marketing campaigns. How can you not!  We are not all Skinny Minnies!
    That lack of representation for over half of American women is something Cheryl the founder and CEO of My Legging Craze hopes to help change through her posts about fashion and body positive image. 

    My Legging Craze, through visibility, plus-size women are seen as part of the mainstream fashion landscape.  Even through her company shares fashion of every size, her heart is with the plus size sisters, by showing them they can be as beautiful and confident as they thinner sisters.

    Currently the company has hundreds of affiliates (she calls Stylists) that share their personal website, sense of style and in turn they  earn commission for the purchases and gives then a sense of purpose and a sisterhood. 

    Direct Sales and On Line Shopping is here to stay and growing every day and so the inspiration of Cheryl Fazzini.