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 “When you are slim, you can wear just about anything you like" True or false?  I bet every slim and trim lady hates something about their bodies.  I once had a roommate Vivianne, in my early twenties, who hated her 'big toes', on her perfect bod.  I always thought how silly that was, but it was a flaw she could only see.  Fast forward myself  to 2019 and I am now 61 and a half years old and still fat, but love fashion and I am concealing my tum-tum and booty doo. The better I dress, the better I feel ... as long as it is the right price for that perfect outfit,  it becomes mine. I believe most women feel this way.
As many as you know, for extra cash, I am  a ride share driver.  I always leave for work with hair, makeup to perfection or as close as I can get it  and a great looking clothing style.  I actually work in the dark 90% of the time, but I know I look the best as I can and my confidence and happiness in myself makes my customers happy which leaves to more tips and a better work environment. Believe it or not their are others are time share drivers who drive in their PJs and complain on their lack of tips.  Dressing for Success means something! 
Many of us are in the rut of gaining weight, experiencing  unbalanced hormones or  health issues.  Even  everyday life can get us into a style rut and make us feel unhappy. Let us find a way out of the RUT HUT aka OUR CLOSET.
A style rut happens when you don’t have the time or even the desire to spend time on dressing and grooming for whatever reason. Many ladies are  overwhelmed their children, not feel happy with your career,  unset by a relationship, frustrated by the increasing size of your body or just too tired to care a less about it. 
Do your ever compare yourself to others, including the women you see on TV, such as The Real Housewives Shows. They have maids, nannies and super rich husbands  to give them the time to be pampered with spa treatments for that perfect skin, hair  and a stylist for their wardrobe. They must spend all their time making themselves  younger and better for for each other and their rich husbands. But, it  takes time and money and the average person doesn't have either and comparing yourselves to others is the thief of joy. 
 Some if you feel frumpy and realize you are in a style rut, now is the time to change your mindset and run from the thief of joy to comfort, joy and  confidence.
We all develop our own sense of style over the years. By the time you reach your 40's or 50's you  have your own go - to - style. What is your go  to jewelry style? Mine is a bit of a western look with hearts, turquoise and pearls.  Yes, pearls and turquoise pair nicely. Of course our bods are looking a bit different.   I wear a brand of super comfy shape wear that hold up my 80 pound lost and smooths out my bumps.  Find your style girl and go for it!  As you age you will look for more comfortable clothes, but put that outfit together like the into Diva you are!  It is important to approach life with that Diva attitude!   Toss on a hat and a few bangles and rock out!  How you show up in the world reflects on how you feel.  Dare to be different! 
As we age, most women gain a bit of weight and become disgusted by their bodies. You can change what you are doing and cover your tum-tum with a long flowing tunic. Many woman wear shorts , when they would look so much better in capris.  Don't get me started with "people of Walmart" and their unique look. You should shop with a help of a sales lady. One day I went to a store and was looking for a outfit for a class reunion and everything I took to the dressing room sucked!   A pushy sales girl arrived with three dress and I told her that they were ugly and she replied "put them on" and I went home loving each one! She had a sense of what would look good on me! 
Dress for your best body parts to show off   your  great legs, a sexy bootie or cute shoulders. So go out and strut your stuff!
I rarely go into a clothing store.  I owned a successful kids and women's consignment store for 12 years and I am a thrift store manic still to this day!  We don't need the  latest designer clothes and purses  to look good. If you know what you like and what suits you, you can buy fabulous clothes in thrift shops and discounted  fashion retailers in a brick and mortars or online such as My Legging Craze.
I double dog dare you to donate 5 pieces of clothes you never wear and purchase one you love!