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    The Do’s and Don’t of Leggings

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Leggings by Cheryl Fazzini

    The Do’s and  Don’ts of Wearing Leggings by Cheryl Fazzini

    Leggings are the most comfortable piece of clothing you will ever wear and can be to worn throughout the year. Just think how snuggly and warm they are in the colder months and what great  coverage for your legs with a pair of boots in the Fall and Winter. No matter what age, there is an art to wearing leggings. We have all seen the way “not to wear leggings” when we are out and about. I am not a big fan of the older age rear end looking right at you or the crop top look of the eighties cutting your body in half. Most body types need their tummy and butt covered by a long flowing tunic or dress.

    You should not wear leggings like a jean or a dress pants.
    As leggings, just they are called, they show off  all curves of your legs. Leggings should be a minor element for the rest of your clothes, rather than a main garment or a fun highlighted garment to show our personality.

    Leggings combined with  a long flowing tunic or will flatter  women over 40. The tunic and the leggings are both comfortable to wear while at the same time appear very stylish. 

    Leggings can work especially well for any type a body shape. The long flowing tunic covers your belly and the leggings show off your fantastic legs. Even  women with the pear body shape can wear leggings as well, it is important that they choose a tunic or dress  with sufficient length over them. The  luxury fabric of silk, wool or cashmere will create a great contrast with the comfortable jersey leggings. 

    You can never go wrong with full length legging.
    Ankle  length leggings can also look sexy especially with heels or booties. 

    Here is list of combos with leggings.

    • Tunics
    • Asymmetric tops and tunics
    • Short dresses
    • Knit dresses
    • Long knitted sweaters
    • Longer asymetrical pieces
    • Long cardigans
    • Big wide sweaters
    • Sweater dressess

    Now go into your closet and see how many garments can pair with new leggings!

    Cheryl Fazzini

    CEO and Founder of My Legging Craze Inc.