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    WHAT $19.95 DID FOR ME

    The reason Farmasi makes me happy!

    The reason Farmasi makes me happy!

    What my $19.99 give me!

    What makes Farmasi USA great? Fazzini

    1) 50% commissions!
    2) 50% rep discount!
    3) Endless possibilities!
    4) No monthly fee!
    5) No website fees!
    6) No yearly fees!
    7) Yearly conference
    😎 Yearly convention in the USA!
    9) Earned Vacations!
    10) Bonuses!
    11)Incredible Group Trainings
    12) Being on a team that sold over a million dollars in September. 
    13) 2500 products with 250 available now!
    14) Every 3 months we get new Catalogs!
    15) Holiday catalogs too!!!
    16) Massive growth on the team I joined!
    17) We have 68 years of history!
    18) We are 10 years in direct marketing!
    19 ) 9 months only in the USA!
    And .... i just spend $202.00 on 33 products!! YES I DID!!